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How Can Geomodelr Help You?

If you can interpret a geological cross section, you can use Geomodelr. It turns your knowledge and information into accurate and visually apealing 3D models.

Save you time and effort

From days to hours: any geological complexity can be interpolated with Geomodelr's 3D algorithm. If you want to change the resulting model, just create an intermediate cross section.

Geomodelr's algorithm can be used to create block models, wireframes or more cross sections to refine.

@geomodelrdotcom Geomodelr is a useful tool that allowed me to create a high precision geological model. It was very easy to handle, because it's designed to be learned fast and to achieve in hours what I needed: cross sections, geological maps, block models and wireframes.

Daniela Gómez, Geologist

Geological study page Mount Head formation in Canada
(Screenshot: Study page of the conceptual model of the Mount Head formation in Canada)

Works anywhere

Wherever you are, Geomodelr allows you to access your data and your geological models in 3D with your team.

Whathever device you are using, you only need a modern browser to view and edit your geological models.

With @geomodelrdotcom I can review the geological model without leaving the field. The people back in the office can view it miles away. The models are clear without effort.

Juan Esteban Quijano, Geologist

Geology in a way anyone can understand

Visualize your geology in 3 dimensions without effort. Create block diagrams, wireframes of geological units and more to let your team or customers quickly understand whats important to them.

Combine them with 2D geological maps and cross sections and present them in an interactive way with Geomodelr articles.

With @geomodelrdotcom I can create quick and dirty geological models. If you complain too much about the time modeling takes, this tool is for you.

Jim Stephen, Geologist

Geological block diagram of Mount Head formation in Canada
(Screenshot: A block model for the conceptual geological model of Mount Head in Canada)

Use your model with the tools you care the most.

Geomodelr allows you to import and export your information to the most standard formats. Import cross sections, geological maps boreholes and more. Export maps, cross sections or wireframes.

You can also export directly to MODFLOW, and in the future to other groundwater modeling platforms, making it very easy to pass from conceptual to numerical.

I like that you can create conceptual hydrogeological models very simply and view the relations in 3D. And also that you can export them to MODFLOW with all hydraulic properties.

Santiago Cuartas, Bogotá

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