Our story, our values

Back in 2014 Ricardo was simulating earthquakes, but what good is it to have great number crunching tools if there are no good geological models? Of course, a good geological model depends on the data you have available and your knowledge as a geologist. However, geologists also have to put all the information they have in 3 dimensions. Today, that's hard.

Not any model will do. First, you will always need to show your model to the people who will benefit from it. If you are going to use it with other software the model needs to be solid. Finally, if you spend too much time building your model, it's going to be of no use.

With all those things in mind, Geomodelr started. Geomodelr wants to make things easy for geologists. Geomodelr tools are NOT designed for expert designers and they DO NOT cost long time and money to learn. Geomodelr tools are designed for geologists. You will not have to learn about NURBs or other concepts to get a 3D model. The models are built using geological cross sections as input and nothing else. Your efforts will be focused on getting the best data and interpreting it in the best way.

Geomodelr wants to make it easy for every geologist to just use the platform and share models with others. That's why geomodelr is a web platform. No installation. Share with your customers without them having to do anyhting. Show information in 3 dimensions in an easy and ordered manner. Work with your peers from anywhere, from the field to the office, everything will be accessible to them immediately.

Our team wants you to succeed, because if you can create great models, industries and mankind can tackle great challenges. That's why Geomodelr is free for public models, so all the information that's buried inside long and deep papers can be accessed, viewed and touched in 3 dimensions.

That's also why Geomodelr's core is open source and can be viewed and adjusted by anyone who knows Python. Geomodelr wants to be open because we know geological knowledge is important for humankind.

We hope you can make the best of Geomodelr. This is our team and we want to help you with your next challenge!

Meet the team

Ricardo Serrano
Founder and CEO
Daniel Álvarez
Lead Geologist
Andrea Toro
Lead Marketing