Frequently Asked Questions

You can create as many private studies as you need. If you have a monthly plan, each new study will cost you 39.80/month. If you have a yearly plan each new study will cost you 29.98/month times the number of months remaining in your billing cycle. Creating a new study will bill your credit card.

Read the terms of service for more information about how your credit card is billed when you upgrade your plan.

You can store up to 10GB of data in each study. That includes the data you upload to the files repository and the model versions you save.

If you need to store more information than that in a single study write to support and we will help you.

We want to make easy bringing information from your project to Geomodelr and to make easy for geologists to obtain the results they need in no time.

One of our consultants will help you to get started with your project. With your goals in mind, we can advice you in usage of coordinate systems, how to model what you want and how to export it to the formats you need.

Depending on your needs we can build something for you so your project is in the right path and you can add as much information and knowledge as possible.

For both plans, the time is half an hour per month. In case of the yearly plan, you can distribute the consultancy in the projects you need as you prefer.

We will teach you how to create a 3D geological model in Geomodelr and take advantage of all its features. If you have a yearly plan you can also invite up to 12 team members.

There will be time for creating the model but also for asking questions about how to approach your challenges with geomodelr.

For paid plans, priority support will give a first answer in less than 12 hours on weekdays. Support will also keep you updated every two days if your inquiry could not be solved immediately.

For unpaid plans support can still help you to get what you want from Geomodelr, but response times are not guaranteed.

We are always eager to know about our customer needs. You are welcome to share all your recommendations with us. Please contact support.

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