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Product Features

Draw Cross Sections

(Screenshot: Cross Sections Editor.)

Your models are created from cross sections. You can draw them quickly using simple tools. Use Geomodelr's interpolation algorithm to refine them even quicker until you are happy with your geological model.

Draw geological maps too to interpret them and visualize them in 3 dimensions.

  • The editor only creates cross sections with good topology.
  • Use divide and join operations to edit geological units.
  • Easily edit faults with node based operations.
  • Take advantage of raster layers, dips or boreholes, everything georeferenced in 3D.
  • Geomodelr shows contacts between units and also faults in the topography so you can start drawing.
  • Geomodelr's algorithm can create almost ready cross sections that can be refined quickly with the same operations.

Cross sections are the input to Geomodelr's 3D algorithm, as they are the tools for the geologist to interpret. Geomodelr does not need horizon matching or surface construction to create a solid model. From the first cross section your model is solid.

Build Solid 3D Models

(Screenshot: Articles of Geomodelr)

Create amazing visualizations and rebuild when you change your geological model. The possible visualizations are:

  • Map and cross sections with raster layers.
  • Block diagrams from a polygon and bottom and top coordinates.
  • Wireframes of geological units.
  • Boreholes.
  • Combine the visualizations to get the desired objects.

You can also hide or show surfaces, exaggerate below or above the sea level and add interactive points to visualizations.

Finally, you can organize your information in handy articles where you can add not only 3D visualizations but also maps and cross sections with interactivity and all your information.

Import and Export

(Screenshot: Repository Page of Geomodelr)

You can import standard formats to create interpret your cross sections.

  • Import georeferenced ArcGIS shapefiles. You can use them as geological units or faults. You can also use them as vector layers.
  • Import GeoTiff files. Use them as digital elevation models or raster layers.
  • Import PNG or JPG files. Use them for your presentations and georeference them in 3 dimensions.
  • Import Excel files with boreholes in collar-survey-interval format or structural data with strike and dip.

You also can export to standard formats and enable several workflows outside geomodelr.

  • Export maps and cross sections to shapefiles so you can keep working in your GIS.
  • Export solid units to DXF or STL files to import in your CAD systems.
  • Export in geomodelr's format, to work with Geomodelr Query Tool or to upload it again to Geomodelr
  • Export directly to MODFLOW or any of its preprocessors, like Model Muse. Our adaptive algorithm follows the layers saving you weeks.

Work Anywhere with your Team

(Screenshot: Study Page and Visualizations Page)

Share your models with your coworkers or customers in a secure manner. Collaborate with them from anywhere in real time. In geomodelr everything is fully encrypted, and we do a lot to keep your information secure.

With Geomodelr you can assign administrator, collaborator, reviewer or viewer roles. These roles will allow you control what each member of your team or your customers can do.

Geomodelr can be Applied to any Industry that Needs Geological Information


With Geomodelr, solid geological models can be generated easily, making them useful at any stage of the project.


Geomodelr was created as a tool any geologist could use that always generated solid useful models. Our hydrogeological models prove it.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Geomodelr

Sign up

Creating a new user will allow you to create geological studies and collaborate with your peers.

Create a geological study

Create your first study and georeference its model. Geomodelr will help you with simple steps.

Create your first cross section

After your first cross section your model is solid. Visualize it, interpolate it and create more cross sections to refine it.

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