Palestina's Fault Formation Model

Palestina's fault is one of the most important fault of the colombian territory, who goes along the central cordillera, affecting mostly Caldas department. It is one of the main regional structures that has influenced the tectonic evolution of the Colombian Andes. In adittion the Palestinian Fault System is a regional system closely related to current volcanism in the area, It is located on the East side of the Central Mountain range and is composed of a set of parallel faults. This system is also considered as a result of the oblique subduction of the plate Nazca under the South American. It is estimated that its extension is approximately 350 km long.

The objective of this study was to determine the behavior that had different formations in the area with respect to the main fault and the same dynamics of this. The significance of this lies in the relationship that it has with the tectonics of the area. also the profiles will show how are the layers distributed and the faultĀ“s behavior. Is very important to understand the litology around the Palestina's Fault, it give information about the geological history.

Visualization of the model map