The first web geological modeling platform.

What's Geomodelr?

Geomodelr is a platform to:

  1. Load geological data.
  2. Interpret it using cross sections.
  3. Visualize it, export it and share it in full 3 dimensions.
  4. Do it 100% from the web.


Importing data.

Geomodelr receives:

  1. Shapefiles with maps or cross sections of geological units and faults.
  2. GeoTiffs with topography/bathymetry data or georeferenced images.
  3. Boreholes and structural data are loaded in excel.

Exporting data.

  1. Export to DXF, STL for CAD and mine planning.

  1. Export cross sections and maps to GIS.

  1. Export geological models directly to Modflow.


Hydrogeological modeling in Geomodelr.

Hydrogeological Conceptual Model

Geomodelr exports Modflow files.

  1. Programs like Model Muse, Visual Modflow or Acuaveo GMS can load these files.
  2. They contain the geometry and hydraulic parameters.
  3. The models can be exported automatically regardless of the complexity.

Simple Algorithm

Simple algorithm creates a regular mesh that only adjusts to the topography of the geological model.

Adaptive Algorithm

Adaptive algorithm creates a mesh where the layers are adjusted to the geometry of the units.

Export different values of conductivity near faults.






These are results of groundwater modeling from our exported files.


In summary

  1. Save Time: Generate models really fast and export them even faster.
  2. Save Money: Visualization, Cross section drawing, Model editing, and exporting to many formats, all in one platform.
  3. Access in real time: All your team in real time, no extra licenses.


$199/monthly $1799/yearly
5 private studies 5 private studies
Technical support priority Technical support priority


$199/monthly $1799/yearly
Geomodelr course for a geologist Geomodelr course for 12 geologists
Get started consultancy Get started consultancy
Export to Modflow Export to Modflow
Export to CAD and GIS Export to CAD and GIS

Software comparison

Feature Geomodelr LeapFrog 3D Acuaveo
Maping Yes No With ArcGIS plugin
Cross sections Yes No With ArcGIS plugin
Modeling Always Solid Implicit modeling Horizon Modeling
Faults Always solid approach Separates implicit models Horizon Modeling
Feature Geomodelr LeapFrog 3D Acuaveo
Pricing 199 mod/mon $20.000/user? 100/day user $1800/user
Full Pre/Post Processing No Some Yes
Web Yes Only export to Only with ArcGIS
Multiuser Yes No No
Presentations Yes No No
Virtual Reality Yes  No  No

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