Modeling Copper and Nickel deposits with Geomodelr.

The Duluth Complex.

The Duluth Complex, the related Beaver Bay Complex, and the associated North Shore Volcanic Group are rock formations which comprise much of the basement bedrock of the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Minnesota in central North America.

Duluth Complex

The Babbitt Deposit

The Babbitt copper-nickel deposit, or Mesaba Project, (formerly known as Minnamax) is located within troctolitic and gabbroic rocks in the basal section of the SE dipping northern margin of the northern part of the late Mesoproterozoic (1.1 Ga) Duluth Mafic Complex in Minnesota, USA. It differs for the Dunka Road deposit 10 km to the SW in that Babbitt has more massive sulphides and more platinum group elements.

Babbit Cross sections and units.

Higher grade (>1% Cu) occurs near the basal contact of the meta-sediments, while much of the high grade semi-massive sulphide is found in the adjacent hornfelsed sediments or is spatially associated with the hornfels.

Tops of units and Boreholes