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Our take on modeling a really hard geology.

Geomodelr allows you to model complex geological settings with simple operations. The following geology contains an anticline, but also intrusions, very old rocks, and several faults. It's Flin Flon Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits, which have really interesting geological features. We not only created a model, but also made a tutorial out of it.

The resulting 3D model is this:

Click in it to view it in 3D.

To view the introduction to the tutorial, click here.

The tutorial consists of four parts:

First tutorial: Browse your Study and Setup your 3D Model

In this case we setup our model. It's probably the hardest thing to do, but we keep improving it.

Second tutorial: Edit your Map and Cross Sections

This is where you will spend most of your time. What's important is to remember that in geomodelr everything is always solid.

Third tutorial: Visualize and Interpolate your Model

This is where you start to fly. Visualizations are very cool. But what's important is Geomodelr's interpolation, which creates a solid model from the first cross section.

Fourth tutorial: Share and Use your Model

This is the what's next. Now that you have your model you might want to do something with it, and in geomodelr the sky is the limit.


  • E. Schetselaar, S. Pehrsson, et al. (2010). The Flin Flon 3D Knowledge Cube. Geological Survey of Canada. Open file 6313.

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Mapalomalia is now Geomodelr.

We hope you like the new name. And with a new name, new things come.

First, you can now create private studies!. Private studies can only be seen by you and your coworkers or your customers. Second, we are Incorporated in Delaware, United States. Now we are Geomodelr, Inc. Because of these two things we have updated our Terms of Service. The important parts remain the same: we don't give your private information to third parties for commercial purposes and you retain full ownership of everything you make. We have also updated the Privacy Policy, to make even more clear why Geomodelr needs the basic information it collects from you and what we do with it, and added a Security Statement to show you what we do to protect your data from intrusion.

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We Made an Example Model in our First Webinar

View the Video of the Webinar Here:

The Full Resulting Study can be Viewed Here:

Model for Webinar: Small Region of Italy using USGS geology, SRTM DEM and Images of Seismic ViDEPI

The 3D view of the cross sections is here:


The National Natural Park Los Nevados

Geological Sites of Nevado's National Park in Colombia

Global Warming, Natural Disasters and Incredible Geomorphology.

Los Nevados is a National Park located in the Central Cordillera, in the Andean Region of Colombia. The following visualization shows 10 geo sites of incredible importance to the park. Click on the spheres to see why.

The research was carried by Miguel Tavera and other geologists from EAFIT University, and can be found in study Nevado's Park Colombia or study Nevado del Ruiz in Spanish. The full work can be found in his article: [1] .


  1. M. A. Tavera. EVALUACIÓN E IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE UNA PROPUESTA DE PATRIMONIO GEOLÓGICO EN EL PARQUE NACIONAL NATURAL LOS NEVADOS CORDILLERA CENTRAL COLOMBIANA. Patrimonio geológico y Geoparques, avances de un camino para todos. Cuadernos del Museo Geominero, no 18. Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, Madrid, 2015.