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Palestina's Fault Formation Model

Palestina's fault is one of the most important fault of the colombian territory, who goes along the central cordillera, affecting mostly Caldas department. It is one of the main regional structures that has influenced the tectonic evolution of the Colombian Andes. In adittion the Palestinian Fault System is a regional system closely related to current volcanism in the area, It is located on the East side of the Central Mountain range and is composed of a set

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La primera plataforma web de modelado Geológico.

Modelo geológico a partir de la plancha 211, Tauramena, del Servicio Geológico Colombiano.

Ricardo Serrano

CEO, Geomodelr


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Western Cordillera

Geological Profile Project of the Cordillera occidental of Colombia for the Structural Geology class at the University of Los Andes. The Cordillera occidental comprises a large area, which was formed due to the continuous continental deformation produced mainly by the subduction zone of the Nazca plate with the South American plate at the end of the Colombian Pacific coast, during the Late Cretaceous and the Paleocene. and the different orogenies during the Neogene. Generat

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Daniel Satizábal - - Sebastián Fonseca - Gabriel González

Fault presence on Eastern Cordillera of Colombia

The Eastern Cordillera of Colombia is the result of the tectonic inversion of a Meso basin Cenozoic that dates from the end of the Cretaceous and has its phase of maximum deformation during the Andean Orogeny in the Middle-Late Miocene. This deformation gave rise to a structural geometry defined by the p

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