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First tutorial: Browse your Study and Setup your 3D Model


The setting of this tutorial is Tauramena in Colombia. We used geological maps and structural measures provided by the Colombian Geological Service. The Colombian government provides this data using the SICAT System

The following files can be used to reproduce this tutorial:

What you will learn.

This is a short tutorial on getting to know Geomodelr. First, if you haven't yet, we will show you how to create a user in Geomodelr. Then you will be able to upload a few files, and check common errors that might appear when uploading files to use in Geomodelr. You will also be able to Georeference an image using points in the image. Finally you will be able to give permissions to collaborators and people interested in your geological project.


The result of this tutorial.

At the end of this tutorial you will have a georeferenced image, all the vector files and the dips will be uploaded and also you will have some collaborators added to your geological study.


  • Carlos E. Ulloa M., Erasmo Rodriguez M., et al. GeologĂ­a de la Plancha 211 Tauramena. Base cartográfica tomada de las planchas a escala 1:100.000 del IGAC - 2008.

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