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Second tutorial: Georeferencing your Model

What you will learn.

You will learn how to setup your model by giving it a Georeference and bounds. This is the most important task before starting to build and refine your 3D geological model. To georeference your model you have to:

  • First: pick what's going to bound it in the Z direction, a topography (or bathymetry).
  • Second: you will need to select a geological map which will help you to draw your cross sections, but it's also helpful when choosing a coordinate system.
  • Finally: you will have to enter the coordinate system and the bounding box in the coordinate system you selected. Everything you use will be translated to this coordinate system, while the bounding box will be used to understand how to bound the interpolation or the geological map.


The result of this tutorial.

When you finish this tutorial you will have a georeferenced model, you will have uploaded your geological map and it will be ready to edit.

Next tutorial: Edit your Geological Map