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Third tutorial: Visualize and interpolate your Model

What you will learn.

You will learn how visualizations can help you to view the 3D relationships of your model, and debug it so your model fits the criteria you want. You will also learn how interpolations can help you save a lot of time, by giving you a head start for next cross section. Finally, you will understand intuitively how the interpolation works.


The result of this tutorial.

This tutorial should finalize with your 3D model ready. As a tip, you can use the Cross Sections and Map visualization in your articles with the markdown:


You can also use any other visualization with the markdown:

[[visual3d:Block Model]]

These are, first the Cross Sections and Map visualization, and second, the Block Model visualization.

[[visual3d:Demo Study Flin Flon/Block Model]]

Next tutorial: Use and Share your Model