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What's Geomodelr?

Geomodelr is the first 3D web geological modeling platform.

But it's not like any geological modeling platform you have seen. We made Geomodelr so the geologist could just unload his/her knowledge as they do in a sheet of paper. At the same time the model is usable from the first cross section in the freest way. It's free because you can adapt it to what you need, and also because Geomodelr Query Tool is open source: you also can know how Geomodelr does it.

Geomodelr Model

What's the methodology of modeling?

Always solid: It means the model is always solid, like a rock.

Always solid is a methodology of modeling where you have a model that you can use from the start. You don't make it solid after modeling, you just add more knowledge to it. For that we use the interpolation, but you can just call it The Magic, as you will seldom need to understand the math behind it or complex concepts about CAD modeling, or enter a lot of parameters you really don't know where they come from. The Magic takes any set of cross sections, from the first and converts it to a model.

Always Solid

Do I still have to draw cross sections?

Yes, but not as an expert 3D CAD modeler, draw them as a geologist.

The operations to edit the geology are simple and you can learn them in seconds. The section is always solid too. The operations only allow you to create objects with good topology, and they are very fast, but in reality, you just need to fully model the first cross section. For the rest, you can use the interpolation. With the interpolation you can interpolate-check-refine, until, with the information you have, you feel it's right.

The Editor

Is there anything hard in Geomodelr?

We'll, may be.

To begin modeling with Geomodelr you will need a study, and inside your study you will need to georeference a model. Georeferencing means setting a coordinate system. We recommend it's projected and not geographic, because it makes more sense when working with depth. Geomodelr also needs the bounds of the model. However, we don't want anything to be hard. If you have a suggestion, we want to listen how to make it easier.


How do I start?

With the 15 minutes video tutorials.

The video tutorials will cover modeling a hard geology. The model is for Flin Flon Copper and Zinc mines, which have many formations, intrussions and an ore body that's hard to model. We don't claim it's the best model of Flin Flon, as we only used public and readily available information. What we claim is that we modeled from scratch, and in little time. Each tutorial lasts about 15 minutes.

First tutorial: Browse your Study and Setup your 3D Model

Tutorial 1

Second tutorial: Edit your Map and Cross Sections

Tutorial 2

Third tutorial: Visualize and Interpolate your Model

Tutorial 3

Fourth tutorial: Share and Use your Model

Tutorial 4

What if I need more help?

We want to help you to do anything you want.

In the top right corner of any Geomodelr page there's a question mark. It has Tutorials, where you will find this, Next Webinars where every week we'll show you how to create a model or other topics related to Geomodelr, Forums where you can freely ask questions to other users or us and talk about important geology and geological modeling topics, and finally you can ask where we will answer as soon as possible.

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