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Create Solid Models Online.

You just need a modern browser and an account in Geomodelr. Even from a phone or a tablet Geomodelr can be used easily.

With Geomodelr you can:

  1. Edit or create geological maps that are always solid: with Geomodelr you can upload and edit geological maps easily. You can use maps from ESRI® shapefiles, but you can also build maps from scratch using Geomodelr's editing capabilities.

    Edit Maps

    With Geomodelr the maps have always a good topology, they always represent a solid geology. You don't have to check and fix the topology after you create them because the operations will always result in a good topology and they are very simple.

  2. Create cross sections easily: you can use your digital elevation model or use SRTM models. Geomodelr will draw profiles and you can start editing the cross sections. You can start drawing faults and formations for your cross section. You can use the top map as a reference or any georeferenced image, boreholes and dip and data you have.

    Create Cross Sections

    But most importantly, Geomodelr helps you to draw new cross sections using an interpolation algorithm that always produces an editable cross section that has good topology. If you ever have encountered a geology that's just too complex to model in 3D, Geomodelr is the solution.

    From your first cross section, the model is solid and every new cross section you make will be faster, and easier. Interpolate and refine until you have enough cross sections to perfectly describe the geology.

  3. Create amazing visualizations: A visualization of your work will be always there for you, to show you all the cross sections and the map with the topography. You can browse it, exaggerate the topography, and add information to it, making it completely interactive.

    Create Visualizations

    You can also create block models easily, just draw a polygon around the region that you want to show and the interpolation algorithm will produce your block model to visualize. Visualize your boreholes, and browse their properties. Visualize how your faults are being interpolated into fault planes.

  4. Create documents or presentations of your work with embedded information: You can write documents in simple markdown and use the 3D visualizations or the 2D maps and cross sections in them. You can also easily link images, or even use HTML to insert frames from Sketchfab&reg, etc. You can also link documents through visualizations, referencing the information in your geological models.

    Create Articles

  5. Use your models freely with open source software: With Geomodelr Query Tool you can query your models. Query any point in the space using the command line, create new tools in Python that solve any problem you might have.

    • Are you planning your mine and need to know what you will find in your path?
    • Are you making a simulation of your oil field and need to create a mesh adjusted to your needs?
    • Do you need to combine your geological knowledge with statistics?
    • What's the problem you are trying to solve? We can help.

Geomodelr is free to create public geological models. If you want security and privacy, you just need to pay for the models you use, during the time you use them. You can invite only your team to view and collaborate with you, and show your customers the best view of your geological models.