Geología del Valle de Aburrá.

Este artículo está basado en la información contenida en el proyecto de grado requisito para optar por el grado de Geólogo de Andrés Acevedo Gómez. La siguiente es la referencia completa del trabajo: A. Acevedo Gomez, D. A. Rendón et al., Construcción de un modelo interpretativo 3D hasta 30 Km de profundidad de la corteza alrededor del Valle de Aburra, BSc Thesis, EAFIT University, 2012.

Ha sido reproducido con el permiso de los autores.

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Canada Geoscience Map 8, Geology Mount Head, Alberta-British Columbia.

It is a geologically complex area due to the number of geological events that have affected it, well registered through the exposed rocks and outcropping structures. The 3D model comprise the Northwest zone of the map, where diverse rocks characterized by different ages and composition are exposed; anticlinal and synclinal type folds, which are overturned and present discordances between the oldest ro

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Utah-Virgin Anticline

The area is located in the southeast corner of the state of Utah between San Geogje and Washington counties, contains a remarkable diversity of rocks, structures and geoforms that make this area interesting to model. The Virgin anticline has a northeasterly trend and a length of 50km, is open, exposed and eroded, presents its symmetrical strata exposing the oldest rocks of the basement in St Georgje, which were deposited on the western margin of the great supercontinent

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Demo Study Flin Flon

Demo Study of Flin Flon Manitoba. Will showcase all the features of Geomodelr.

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